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..Hi all, I have recto vaginal endometriosis and sever pain in my chest and shoulder which I have been told is endometriosis of the diaphragm. The pain is unbearable. I am on prostap injections which have stopped my periods and majority of pain ...

This is also to assist with surgery I have been reading my notes from a diagnostic laparoscopy I have had and it's says I have a nodule penetrating vaginal wAll and vagina re stitched shaving of the bowel overies are stuck to other organs and also says tubes are patent but both with adheasions and kinks can anyone tell me if they have gone onto concieve as I also had the dye test and dye was seen flowing through tubes I'm worried about the adheasions and kinks and I'm scaring myself reading on the Internet any replies would be so helpful thank you xx

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There are several speciality clinics now in the UK that use a multidisciplinary approach to complex endometriosis, which it certainly sounds like you qualify as.

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