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BACK TO BACK contraceptive pill

I have been on the migroynan pill for four years now, I have never took my pill back to back as I feel it is natural to come on your peroid. I have been told to take the pill back to back however I dont really want to do this because I am scared of putting weight on and bloating out plus I do not have heavy peroids or peroid pain so coming on does not bother me. However will I be aggravating the endo (If i have endo) by coming on my monthly peroid?. x

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Absolutely the opposite of what you believe- is true.

Endo spreads most often by retrograde bleeding or what we call backflow, of period blood mixed with endo cells that instead of escaping down the vagina with a period - they escape along the fallopian tubes and out in the tummy cavity right near the ovaries but can get just about anywhere under the diaphragm by escaping that way.

so anything and everything you can do to stop having periods at all -or at least reduce how many you have, will make a vast improvement in reducing the endo spreading that way.

Mirena coil would stop periods for up to 5 years and is the best solution, but the next best

is certainly back to back pills. cutting down from 12 or more periods a year to 3 or 4 a year.

Mirena doesn't cause bloating - it may increase your weight slightly but that settles and better still, not having periods gives you back so much more freedom to be more active whenever you want without worrying about being on a period and it saves a vast fortune in tampons towels toilet paper, pain killers and so on.

Likewise there are huge savings to be had by cutting down your periods too and getting back at least 1 week every month period free to be doing the things you want to be doing.

Whether you have endo or not these simple steps will improve your quality of life in so many ways - it is nonsensical to not at least give it a try.

And if you do find you get deiagnosed with endo - it's pretty much an essential way of life thereafter till you get to menopause, unless you want to get back to monthly cycle purely for trying to conceive.

It doesn't stop existing endo , only surgical intervention can do that, but it will considerably reduce endo spread from backflow, though this is not the only method endo can relocate it is the most common and the easiest to hve control over.

If your family is complete then having your tubes tied off to prevent backflow is another possibility if you really do like having periods. But I suspect once you have got used to not having them and the freedom that gives you in so many ways - the last thing you will want is to have regular monthlies cluttering up your life.


Monthly period pain may be endo caused or may be related to the uterus itself. No medication treats endo or stops it from coming back. Medication suppresses hormone levels so you are less symptomatic. So many believe meds "treat or prevent" endometriosis, but there is no evidence to support this at all


Hi hun. I took many different pills back to back and had the same fears that you have about weight gain etc, I suffered none from taking back to back so give it a go as it will benefit you from not having the monthly hormonal drop. You can always do a half and half and tri-cycle if you really don't fancy it. Bottom line is if you have any existing endo deposits it will bleed during the pill breaks, even if you have no pain it could be happening.

Mirena coils are very much like marmite - you either love em or hate them. I loved both of mine, still had re-growth though but much better. They are good though as if you have one fitted and really don't like it they can be whipped out in seconds at your docs.

As already mentioned in a reply, retrograde menstruation is a highly supported theory but not necessarily everyones cause. I have had significant re-growth of endometriosis between surgeries whilst having no 'bleed' and on high dose hormones so the best you can do is try and cover all bases! Remember we are all diferent in how our bodies suffer and deal with this disease.


I ran pills together a few years ago as I was going on holiday be it made me miserable. I felt as though I had a period anyway as the pain was so bad the whole time. After my lap I tried again but the pain was just unbearable and was bleeding anyway. My doc said never to do it again as it obviously doesn't work for me. Been trying to avoid it but going to seriously consider the coil now. Everyone is different though. Good luck xx


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