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Am I waiting longer than I should be?

Hey ladies,

Keeping it brief i've had symptoms of endo since I was 15 (now 22) but only at the end of last year was i referred to a Gynaecologist to see if they will agree and put me in for an explorative lap. I know its only been 5 months but is this a normal time to be waiting for a referral? I just feel like i'm constantly waiting to be waiting for something else.. I know everyone’s journeys have been long but after suffering for 7 years and still waiting for at least a diagnosis I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not anymore

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That seems like a long time to me but I've generally been seen fairly quickly once referred (well less time than 5 months). Can you ask your doctor how long the waiting list is or phone the hospital to check with them? I've phone the hospital before to ask when I'll get a letter about an appointment. I always worry there is a chance that something has gone wrong and I'm not even on the list!


Thanks for replying! Yeah I've called twise and they always just say I'm on the shortest list :/

It's aweful spending all this time just doubting myself and not knowing wheny gp is sure it's endo and I have family history of it but I'm just waiting to see someone who will put me on another waiting list to find out for sure and get proper treatment :/


It is immensely frustrating. I thought I'd feel much better when I had a diagnosis and I did in that I knew I wasn't going mad. But then finding out more about the condition and how hit and miss treatment can be is somewhat dispiriting.


I can imagine that will be a hard part :/ and I'm kind of anticipating it, I just want to know I'm not a hypochondriac or have a crazily low pain threshold or I don't know :/ just so much goes through your mind waiting. And the pain wears you down so much, I'm sure you know though! I wish things were just a little quicker or we could be updated more!


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