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Dribbling after operation

I've not long had my laparoscopy operation, 4th week now. I'm finding myself having to wear pads because I keep dribbling urine. It's not much but obviously embarrassing and it smells slightly. I'm having to wash few times a day because I'm so paranoid someone else will smell what I can.

Also my right thigh, the same side they removed my cyst. Keeps going numb n tingly, burning sensation especially at night while I'm sleeping......driving me insane!!

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Gynae surgery can upset the electrical pulses that control the bladder - this either has the effect of causing urinary retention where you cannot go much at all, or the opposite problem of leaking or not quite making it to the loo in time.

It is called bladder spasms - nothing you can actually feel - just and electrical storm going on. so the pulses that normally control your loo trips are firing out of sequence.

The good news in this normally settles after a few weeks all by itself.

The bd news is it does do that for everyone.

After my op - my bladder was not working for 17 months, then one day I woke up and felt quite different down below. Something was right, I could clench and it wasn't leaking.

And since then no meds and all has been well ever since.

So even after a lengthy wait and giving up all hope these quirky electrical signals can start getting back in to synch and working as they should.

Do speak to your GP about this. There are meds you can be given to help with continence issues if it carries on.

Might also be worth ruling out any infection if it is smelling enough that you notice.

Infections can also cause leaks too.

Otherwise, it's just something you have to adapt to. Take changes of clothes with you, wear continence pads or pants, a small deoderiser spray can help too.

I was getting through several clothing changes a day. Laundry was becoming a daily chore not a weekly one. Trips to anywhere involved careful planning so I knew where the loo was.

Mine started out by being urinry retention the meds cave me incontinence issues - believe me as inconvenient s they re it is far more preferabl to be ble to go than not go, with full up bladder causing huge discomfort and not much you can do to relieve that even with 6 trips to the loo an hour and only a trickle each visit.

So long as it is not an infection and is just bladder spasms then it should for most people resolve itself in time.

If it is caused by an infection - the right anti-biotics should have you back to normal pretty soon too.

Take pee pot sample to the GP and they can test it there and then for infection, if you need to find out the specific bug - then it is sent off to the lab.

Don't suffer in silence - its so common for men and women after surgery to get bladder spasms your GP will be very familiar with it and the types of drugs available to try and manage the condition a bit better til your body gets back to working properly. Best of Luck.


I agree go to docs as you might have an infection and impatient I'm hoping I'm like you and I wake up one morning with no problems as after one of my laps it was Nov 2012 I started with urinary retention and have been self catheterising since. just love all the problems endo can cause not. The feeling of a full bladder just isn't good at all I was in hospital and there was one nurse who was adamant tht she would get me t go to the loo and tried n tried n said tht there was no way I hadn't been in 24hrs she got a talking to for it because the consultant saw how much pain j was in and could feel my bladder so immediately put a catheter in and over 1ltre of urine came out n the nurse soon apologised as you could tell I hadn't beento the toilet by the volume of urine and the colour it looked like black tea. so since then I have been self catheterising so I don't have to have one of those bags attached to my leg all the time and reading your comment has given me hope again as I thought nah it ova a yr it not gunna come bak t normal now. Sorry for the long rant hope u both well and all gets sorted.


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