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Follow up appointment?

Hi ladies, I hope you're all as pain-free as possible.

I had my lap to diagnose endo on the 4th of October and was told I would have a follow up appoint in three months. Fives months later and not heard a thing! I have rung the hospital general appointments line but all they can tell me is that I'm on the waiting list and they don't know how long that will be. Should I try to ring another department? Gynecology? Any help appreciated!

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Try writing or emailing your consultant directly. But they really genuinely are busy people and may not be able to fil you in for a follow up. If you do have any specific questions which you cannot find answers to online or through your GP , perhaps include the in any letter, that way the consultant has the choice to reply to you or invite you in for an appointment to discuss things.


Call the gynecological department and ask to speak to the secretary of your consultant. They should be able to get you sorted. Just keep at them. Good luck xx


Don't give up, be persistent and you will eventually get your appointment. I agree, speak to the secretary, and keep speaking to her, I've found that they're the ones that generally get things sorted for the patient.

Lisa xx


I don't have any contact details for my consultant. To be honest, I don't really know who my consultant is... haha I'll have to try gynecology. Surely they will at least be able to tell me how long I might be waiting. Thanks for all your replies!


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