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HRT dilema

I had a full hysterectomy last august. For the first 2 months I was not on any type of HRT as I was told that they want any left over endometriosis to shrivel up. I had no pelvic pain at all which was great. Then after the 2 months I was put onto to ad bac HRT first of all Kliofem which resulted in the pelvic pain returning so they reduced my dose and put me on Kliovance instead which is doing exactly the same thing in terms of the pelvic pain. Does anyone know of any other menopause treatments that will not feed the endometriosis and cause pain??? Know that there is a some herbal remedies that women swear by however we can't use them as they also have ingredients that will feed it - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The only effective one is to have the endo (all that remains of it) removed. Then it won't matter how much HRT you have there is no endo there to feed. You cannot produce more endo if it is all removed and the uterus is gone too.

Until then - all HRT will be feeding the endo as well as helping bone and heart health which are the primary reasons for staying on it.

It isn't compulsory to have HRT, just sensible that you do if you can.

You can eat foods that promote your body to still produce oestrogen - but that will still feed any remaining endo.

It really is a catch 22 situation so long as there is any endo left if you, so the sensible solution would be to have remaining endo excised if you can bare to have more surgery.

Or put up with the endo pains by having suitable pain relief in the meantime s and when needed.

Hope you manage to get things under control and able to get back to normality.


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