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Totally fed up!!!

Hey ladies

Hope ur all well or at least pain free. I seriously having a really bad time at the minute I just want to cry. I had my lap a week today and since then all I've done is visit drs or hospitals. I have had a suspected DVT and now one of my incisions are bleeding because of a haematona :( I am seriously starting to wonder if I should be wrapped in bubble wrap :(

Sorry for the rant but if anything else goes wrong am not sure I can cope with it

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Hey, sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time :( It must be so frustrating and exhausting constantly going backwards and forwards to the hospital with complications. Never apologise for ranting! It is completely understanding. How is your pain since the lap? I hope things start improving for you now x


I'd love to lie and say pain free but I'm not still in pain but that could be everything that's going on


The op pains do take a few weeks maybe even months to clear away completely - but it does get better day by day by day. You have had a pretty grotty week of it and no mistake.

But you are alive - which even though you may feel like death warmed up right now- is actually rather a good thing. DVTs can have deadly consequences if not treated promptly.

The bubble wrap sounds like very good idea LOL.

The bruising or haematoma from the bleed will give you kaleidscope of colours in the days ahead.

I was on clexane before my lap which turned in to a laparotomy . My stomach was a riot of colour but it did calm down and the blood is reabsorbed back in the body over days to come.

You will probably find the same thing with any bumps or knocks. what would ordinarily maybe give you a small bruise will now give you whopper instead. Somethings can't be helped, but try and avoid too many avoidable knocks - like no kids jumping on you !!

Keep the incisions cleaned up and disinfected, and dressed with a decent cushion of wadding to prevent any snags of a stitch by the clothes you wear and soakup any unexpected gushers. Bubble Wrap optional !!

How long have they got you on the warfarin?


Hi again! I've been patiently waiting to hear how you got on with your scan. I take it you didn't have a dvt after all? If that's the case then that's great news. Don't worry about venting as I know exactly how you feel. I had my lap around this time last year and because all my scans showed clear the surgeon didn't think he would find anything. However I had moderate endo and right ovary had stuck to inside of my tummy amongst other things. He told me after the op I'd had just short of major surgery which was a shock. 3 days after that my dvt was found and I had to attend hospital every morning to get injections into my tummy and bloods taken. I had no veins left in my arms by the time they were done. My hubby was back at work by this time so i had no help at all (was driving myself to the hospital when I wasn't supposed to be). Because I'm a childminder I was getting constant texts and phonecalls from the parents asking when I would be back at work which put a lot of pressure on me. I have a great relationship with all the parents but none of us expected all this to happen and some were telling me they may need to find alternative care (even though they didn't want to). I was so stressed trying to recover from both lap and dvt and also the threat of my losing my business and I really struggled. However I got through it and after 5 weeks I was back at work (taking extra care when lifting the little ones) and I'm now so glad I hung on in there. The moral of my long story is that we are women who get a lot thrown our way but we are strong and get through it in the end. I really hope you feel better soon hunni x


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