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very, very heavy bleeding lasting 7 weeks

Sorry if this gets a bit graphic, I am a bit worried and in need of some advice. For the last 7 weeks I have been bleeding which was triggered by my doc attempting to treat my endometriosis with back to back patches. Unfortunately the bleeding just seemed to get heavier every week. Last week I decided I couldn't put up with it anymore, and took my patch off, and have continued to bleed since (which I expected). Today I have been bleeding VERY heavily. I got out of the shower and looked down to see blood running down my legs :/ I soaked up a tampon almost immediately. Tampons are not lasting longer than half an hour at the moment, and I keep feeling blood gushing out (sorry!). And it hurts. The only other time I have ever bled this heavily was in France last year, when I thought I was having a miscarriage. But I'm definitely not pregnant. Does anyone have any advice? This bleeding is driving me insane! I feel weak, dizzy and tired.

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If you bleeding that heavily I'd go the hospital if u changing a towel/tampon that quickly u could have a haemorrhage o


I agree with Gem.

I you cannot get to your GP tomorrow (being Sunday) then visit your local hosp drop in centre if they have one or even A&E.

If you have had teatment at your local hosp gynae ward fairly recently - then their phone number will be on the discharge letter and if you ring them direct, they may want you to visit them directly rather than go through A&E. which will save you and the hosp a lot of time.

They will be used to abnormal bleeding and they are open 24/7 for gynae emergencies like miscarriages and so on - so they should have at least a minimum of staff on duty to give you advice even if they cannot admit you on a Sunday.

don't suffer in silence 7 weeks bleeding is too much at that rate of flooding.


I had exactly the same level of bleeding on prostap, got an emergency scan and was given tranxemic acid to ease the bleeding, which has helped.


Thank you for your replies everyone, luckily it eased as the day went on, and although I was still bleeding heavily it wasn't quite so bad by the evening. I wanted to go to hospital but was worried it wasn't severe enough and they would think I was making a fuss over nothing, but I completely agree with Impatient, I shouldn't have to suffer in silence! 7 weeks is ridiculous :/ Going to see a doctor as soon as possible. If it gets that bad again I will definitely go to A&E as it is quite worrying and can't be good for a person to lose so much blood. X


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