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Endo inside bowel?

Hey ladies.

Just wondered if any of you have had endo inside your bowel? If so how long did it take to find? And what was the treatment?

I've had 5 ops in 4 years to remove endo. But since my last op I've still been in pain. (Last op was in November) my endo doctor told me that gynaecologically I'm fine and referred me to a bowel specialist who's told me it's not my bowel. But I could have endo inside my bowel. Just feel like I getting pushed post to post.

Just wanted to hear anybody's experience of this. If any. Also if there anything I could do to help myself?

Thanks for reading.


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I have endo of the bowel and bladder I have not found.anything to help with the pain. mine was diagnosed 16 months ago and I am still waiting for my surgery



The endo in my bowel was not diagnosed in any lap , until I had radical excision surgery when it was removed. Since then it has been so much better and I can empty my bowels properly xx


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