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Prostap - please help

Really need some advice on how long you have been advised to stay on prostap even though you have felt no better (arguably worse). I have just had my third injection and it's made no difference to date and I'm exhausted all the time. My gynae has told me to keep going as there aren't many other options. I would really appreciate your advice as to how long your specialist felt you should continue. Thank you.

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i had my fourth injection two weeks ago and noticed a slight difference after the third in that i am in slightly less pain overall (probably because thats when my period stopped). i have been told it normally helps around the third injection but at the same time there is a lot of variation between patients. i was originally meant to have 6 injections as thats whats licensed but last week i have been prescribed 12 with hormone release therapy after 6 then told to go back on cerazette after the 12 months.

this is probably not much help im afraid but basically i've been told the same.. keep going and see how it goes. i hope it gives you at least a bit of pain relief too. have you had laparoscopy or talked about the possibility of it? i should probably also mention that ive not been properly diagnosed as having endometriosis as they have been reluctant to do a lapraoscopy for me but i was told the fact i've started responding to the treatment suggests it is and my symptoms do match it.

vicki x


Thanks for your response. Why have they been reluctant to do a lap? I had mine bk in nov and was diagnosed then with endo. I am really struggling with the exhaustion following the injections and it's made no difference to my pain, I'm in pain every day without relief. I have decided not to have another injection as I don't feel it's made any difference but great to hear that yours started to work after the third x


hi. sorry for the delay in replying - only just seen your message! they are reluctant to do a laparoscopy because i had major surgery when i was 2 which leads to risks, the main one being the possibility of them cutting in to my bowel (as things may have 'moved around' during the surgery). it has been suggested i have the laparoscopy by a bowel specialist if i am still not better after 12 prostap injections. i am also on codeine for pain relief and recently bought a tens pain relief machine too but nothing seems to be working that much really. are you on a different treatment now? it is so frustrating being in pain every day.. i hope you find something that helps you soon x


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