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Hot flushes headaches sickness angry upset and don't know what to do anymore

I get really bad hot flushes and walk around I'm a strappy top and thin leggings. I'm also really moody loads. The littlest of things make me snap. It's really affecting me at work to I almost faint beacause if being to hot. I work in a care home and find it really hard to stay calm sometimes which makes me want to cry. Has this happened with anyone else and what did you do for it? The smallest things make me cry ad well. I had my endo removed in dec and the doctors say it's back or wasn't removed very well so I'm waiting to see. Surgeon again. The pain gets so bad someone asked me what they could do to help and I just said get rid of my womb so I'm not in pain and burst into tears I can't take this much longer I'm only 20

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Aw Hun that sounds like how i was, then i tried the Prostap injection and its been amazing. For the first month i had mild headaches then they went, then for the next three months i still had the flushes but then they stopped and now i feel like a normal person and its lovely. The pain disappeared the first week after the first injection. I'm having 9 injections and i am on the 7th one at the min. Oh and my moods actually disappeared as well in the first week of the injection, I'm so happy and lovely all the time! I don't take hrt and I'm just in full blown menopause and its bliss compared to Endo! I am 32. I have noticed though that if i am under any stress it aggrevates my Endo so i have to remove the stress immediately, that's only happened twice in the whole seven months. Consider giving it a try Hun, if you take the monthly ones and u find that you don't like them just done go for the next injection and then u will start to go back to normal. Take care xx


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