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Feeling physically and mentally awful after lap and stopping the triptorelin. How normal is this?


I had my 2nd lap last Monday, the op went well with fewer endo deposits left after 7 months of triptorelin so that's good! I've been in a lot of pain since, less this week but I just don't seem able to climb out of the hole I'm in. Although I've got some other life stresses ( as we all do) everything seems worse. I can't seem to lift myself out of this.

Is this lost, exhausted, black feeling normal for coming off the meds and feeling a bit "now what" about endometriosis?

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When I had my lap last year I remember the first week was ok, and then I felt awful, really low, tearful, in pain, depressed, it took me three weeks to feel better. You will get better, try and think positive, I know it's hard, onwards and upwards, try and get up showered and a gentle stroll around the block. I really feel for you, I've got my second lap next month and I'm pooing myself about the recovery. Get well soon xxxx


Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one.

Good luck for next month. I hope it goes well for you xx


Your not, it's crap I know, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel soon xxx


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