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Alternative remedies / therapies to conventional medicine, any thoughts ladies?

Hi again ladies,

I was just wondering if any of you out there have tried any alternative ways to ease pain or deal with your symptons. Accupuncture for example? Or specially devised massage? What were/are your experiences if you've tried going down this route and would you recommend it to other sufferers?

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Hello :) I am currently looking in to Chinese herbs and acupuncture as since my diagnosis with lap in July I have refused any further treatment for endo or my interstitial cystitis. My consultant wanted me on hormone injections, pills, nerve blockers and goodness knows what else. At 23 I didn't want to be so reliant on medication and would rather use it as a last resort. I control my symptoms through the endometriosis diet and this seems to control my bladder symptoms too. Google 'endo resolved' for more info :) xx


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