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What is my next step?

I have had many symptoms of endometriosis for a long time now I decided to go and visit my doc as for the past 3 weeks have had a persistent pain in my lower left side and really bad nausea it doesn't normally last this long I explained all of my symptoms and asked if he thought it could be Endo he was very dismissive and said definitely not! He said he would send me for an ultrasound scan he ordered blood tests and urine tests they have all come back clear apart from my blood which showed I was extremely low in ferritin.

I have read that ultra sounds aren't very good at picking up Endo but the person scanning said everything looked perfectly normal and I was probably just constipated I'm not sure what to go back to my Doc with as he is just going to fob me off again is it normal for all these tests to come back normal yet have Endo?


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The only way to diagnose endometriosis is by having a laparoscopy. You will need your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist for that. Scans are good at detecting cysts but very rarely will show up endometriosis.

We have all experienced dismissive doctors and I'm afraid you have to make a nuisance of yourself and keep pestering them. And if necessary demand a referral!

Keep a symptom diary of pain, bleeding and other related problems.

Best wishes,

Barbara x

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Thank you Barbara I am ringing the doctor today for an appt and am going to take hubby along as I do tend to get dismissed by them quite often I'm sure they think oh god her she comes again what now??

Thank you for your reply



Hi I to had an ultra sound and was told everything was normal. My doctor had already referred me to a gynacologist who after a consultation booked me in for a lapaoscopy...excuse my spelling lol....endo was found and im now on Zoladex hormone injections and Hrt. After years..22 to be exact of painful and life disturbing periods I had an appointment with a doctor in my practice whom i'd never seen before. He was astounded that none of the other doctors had ever pressumed i had endo. Keep on going the doctors, ask for a gyna consultation!


That's reassuring to know I just feel like I'm being a pain when he is saying everything is clear got an app for next week so will push for a referral and stand up for myself a bit more thanks for your reply x


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