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Are there any benefits for people unable to work due to severe endometriosis? Or any one know of websites with helplines for this?

I am really struggling on finding out this information. I was told to try to claim Employment and support allowance however after researching this I found women with endo were being denied this due to the medical assessment asking stupid questions such as 'can you hold a pen?'

It's ridiculous as I cannot stand for more than 15 minutes and am struggling financially a lot!

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I've been asking the same question for the past 2 years. I do work but have to take a long tieme off work and get paid no sick pay. I claimed ESA for just under a year and they helped me back into work but after that you are left to your own devices and now I feel like im back at square one. They will try and put you in any job they can find so be very very careful And be honest Iif tour unhappy with what they tell you or how they make you feel. They do have very stupid medical assessments but I specifically asked for a woman (they are always more sympathetic) and went into detail on all areas. Always make sure you tell them what you are like in your worst possible times rather than your good days (if your lucky enough toget them). Try ttalking to CItizens advice or visit your local job centre. The council can sometimes be a help so give them a call. Look after yourself and keep smiling. Hope you get some help! X

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Thank you so much for the advice, I think I need to visit my job centre and try even harder to make an appointment just so I can speak to someone face to face! Being a student makes it even harder because that takes up all of the little energy I have :( I hope things work out for you too x


You should get help from college/university counsellor or support worker if a student.


Hi I know you posted this 5months ago but would like to know more


What would you like to know more about please?


You can claim ESA -either in the support group( means you are totally unable to work or that if you do ,it will make condition worse) or the work related activity group which you will only get for a year and you have to attend job interviews every fortnight or show that you are retraining /applying for work.

You can also try for Personal Independence Payment ( PIP) but you have very little chance of getting unless you are completely bedbound and reliant on carers.

There are some excellent websites and sources of help out there

Endo UK used to do a factsheet on claiming benefits - check to see if you can download updated one.

Benefitsandwork.org.uk is a charity which provides ,probably the best info and help available to complete ESA and PIP forms.. It does have a small joining fee, though lots of good info is available free, but this is well worth paying( about £18 -you can get half price fees sometimes).It has helped me successfully claim DLA AND ESA, for years.

Citizens advice, as already mentioned - they will fill a form for you, but through my own experience I do not recommend this for endo, as it is not sufficiently well known .

I would think you could claim ESA. With all benefits it is about knowing how to fill the form well, so they don't ask you to a medical. Forms are examined initially by a non medical person, but it its a case of knowing how to answer. To be deemed fit to work - you have to be able to do tasks repeatedly, reliably and without serious danger to your health. If you have to stand and are unable to do your job seated,then that is sufficient.But if you are at a desk job,they will argue that you can do it,if you dont stress how bad the endo symptoms are.So with the pain, fatigue, often heavy bleeding or endo and the fact that we are either in agony or doped to eyeballs on painkillers - can you do your job well? Can you do it all day,every day, without being off every month?I was a teacher and there was no way I could do my job as I could barely stand up straight and was in so much pain I was collapsing and being carted off in ambulances! However I also have other serious health issues, so added to the endo I have managed to qualify for ESA.

Turn2us is a great website, detailing all available benefits and you can do a benefit check there as well.

Moneysavingexpert.com - fab site and has details of benefits also.

PM me if you want to discuss more personally-click on user name and I will give my private email.

There is help out there, if you need it. We moan about welfare state,but I for one am thankfull it has been here for me.There is a huge hate campaign going on from Govt and media,trying to suggest that we are all benefit frauds and this is making it more difficult for genuine claimants,whose lives have been destroyed and turned upside down by endo and other illnesses.

Sending you a big hug.


That is a really big help thank you, I will have a look at these different sites and pm you if I have any more questions :)


Hi I know this was posted 5 months ago would like more info from you


Hi are you still on this website. I just wondered if you continued to work as a teacher on reduced hours? Or stopped working. Thank you


Hello, if you can't stand & sit in the same place for 30 mins then you will be awarded 15 points. If awarded 15 points or more, ones is considered to have limited capacity for work & therefore entitled to ESA. You could also try claiming Personal Independence Payment, PiP for short.


Yes u can get ESA. A bit of a struggle but u can and DLA is a possibility too I have managed to get both but the questions are stupid but it took a visit from DLA DR when I was at my worst and tribunal before I was awarded it try for it n don't give up , best wishes x


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