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I had my 3rd and final injection last Tuesday,I didn't find much relief over this time but was told to have the last one as it was possible that it was taking time to work,this time though I am having really bad cramps both left and right side and really bad tummy cramps,has anyone else had this?I am hoping this is a sign that it's working.What I don't understand is that if everything has been shut down why am I still getting pain.

Thanks treez

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  • I'm same, had 4 now, and I've not had much releif, thankfully I've not had any side effects as I'm on hrt too, but just lately I'm getting a few headaches not sure if it's related xxx

  • Thanks

    I have read a few of your posts it sounds like you have had a really bad time of it,luckily I haven't had too many side effects just hot flushes as I have the coil I think this has probably helped,but it's very frustrating every time I try something I hope that it's going to work.

    Take care treez

  • Hi - I know a hysterectomy is being considered for suspected adenomyosis but your symptoms sound very much like endo as well as the two often co-exist. Left sided pain in association with IBS type symptoms are suggestive of potential rectovaginal endo which is likely to involve adhesions that cause pain that will not be resolved with zoladex as it is nerve pain. It may be helping with any adenomyosis you might have but if there is rectovaginal endo and adhesions as well then to be honest you probably wouldn't be aware of any improvement with other pain overlaying it. The symptoms of adeno and RV endo can be very similar. Additionally any deep endo you might have is unlikely to respond to zoladex - it is acknowledged that it is generally unresponsive. As you are close to menopause you need to ensure that the treatment you have is definitive and final to set you up for the rest of your years. As you are in England I would suggest you request referral to a specialist BSGE accredited endo centre to avoid inappropriate or incomplete treatment in general gynaecology that might mean further treatment later on. Have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and how to find a centre. x

  • That's really helpful thanks I have read some of your posts already so I know that I should be going to a specialist centre.can a doctor refer me to a specialist centre or does it need to be a consultant?

    Thanks again treez

  • A GP can refer you. This is the page on the BSGE website that confirms it - referral by primary or secondary care:



  • Thank you

    Keep doing your good work and more importantly I hope that you are pain free.


  • I agree with Lindle, as this is exactly what gas happened to me, I had excision and hysterectomy for adenomyosis back in July last year , under general gyne and unfortunately im still in pain, I thing my surgeon missed some of my endo and I'm now awaiting another laparoscopy but thankfully now with bsge specialist centre, hopefully he will sort me out, please make sure you get the best care possible i wish I had, xxx

  • Thanks that was really helpful advice from both you and lindle I am so glad to of found this out before going ahead with any treatment it's such a pity that you have been through all that and to be still in pain.


  • Unfortunately a lot of women can have endo excised but be left with pain from adhesions and/or nerve damage. The skill of the surgeon is so important in minimising this. x

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