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Don't know what else to do

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Have had enough. Having been admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago then having to pay privately to see gynae quickly was told I would be referred for emergency MRI scan then having not heard anything phoned consultant to be told he hadn't done referral yet and secretary doing it today. Been signed off for 2 weeks so can get scan done and now find out the twat hasn't even sent off my 'urgent' referral. What the fuck did I pay him it because scan was to be through nhs as pretty sure if I had said I'd pay i would have had scan. Cant take this much more pain is shit and worried sick. Why do they treat you like you are shit and insignificant. Don't know what to do anymore. 

5 Replies
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Unfortunately the doctors class you as a number not a person hence why they don't seem to give a shit!

I had to keep going to the doctors, literally like 2/3 times a week for ages until they even considered sending me to a gyno. Then my appointment came through and my gyno said its not his problem go see a bone specialist.. cut a long story short I spent more than a year seeing different 'specialists' only to be sent back to the gyno who actually laughed at me said he would do the lap then sign me off from his care as I have nothing wrong with me that he can fix.

Had the lap, have endo, haven't seen him since.. Wish I could go slam my letter in his face!!

If I were you keep going to the doctors, get them to sort out some sort of pain management straight away & chase up your referral.

Hope you get seen asap, it really is awful when the ones who are supposed to help done seem to care!


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synnova96 in reply to Bryonybear18

That is awful! Did you complain via PALS? I am currently doing complaint process about my experience . Nothing will change if we don't formally complain. Pm me if you want x

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Absolutely disgusting the way these 'doctors' treat us!!!.... I would suggest go to a different gp and insist on getting a referral to a proper endo surgeon. Please remember it is your right to have this operation and to be treated for it. Do not take no for an answer. X

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Hi sorry to hear how you are feeling but I have been where you are, I was ill from very first period aged 11 I used to pass out with the pain the doctor told me it was normal at the age of 20 they finally did a lap which showed I had endo and I have poly cystic ovaries I had hrt which made me depressed and all they give me was pain killers nothing else much was done even though I kept going back and for to different gynaes with no answers as to why I was constantly in pain I had period for 18 weeks one doctor told me it was in my mind and that I needed counselling they gave me a tablet which resulted in me being admitted to hospital other gynaes told me to exercise and that there were worse people off then me, my husband was with and was witness to what was being said. We paid to go private which was a waste of time and they forgot about me for a year they apolised and said that the system and failed me I ended up in hospital again as the bleeding went on for 3 months they discovered that I had a polyp in my womb they put me on zoladex which didn't have much effect in the end I said that I would be making a formal complaint and within minutes I was having pre op test and was admitted within 3 weeks and they found that the endo had attached itself to my pelvic bone and they had to burn it off I am still recovering 2 weeks on so what I am saying don't give up stand your ground and if need be make that complaint I am 37 now and suffered since I was 11 i wish I had done this years ago but I didn't like to make a fuss we have to stand up for ourselves you can do it

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I feel you I’ve been like this for 8 months off work in agony I’m now more a less bed bound and can’t eat but it’s still not an emergency I’ve had to wait months and months for laparoscopy it’s eventually here on the 31st of this month but I’m scared when I have this I’m still going to have the pain I’ve read loads of different stories

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