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Can I still fall pregnant?

Hi girls I've been in a lot of pain recently with my back hips legs and groin I am convinced it is endo but no one wants to refer me to a gyne. I also have PCOS because of all this me and my partner have been talking about having a baby as I don't want to leave it too late? I'm wondering how I go about doing this I haven't took the pill for a few months has anyone fallen preganant with endo and pcos?

Please help


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Hey, sorry to hear about your problems - I'm in the same boat as you endo and pcos - minus the pain but I have a lap for he endo and generally lucky with pain. I have taken one course of clomid which was not successful, I'm moving into gonal - f. One thing that did help was checking my ovulation because I do not ovulate I ended up needing trigger shot to help... Might help monitoring your ovulation to see when Is best for intercourse as your know when your most fertile which will increase your chances. With regards to gyne they never want to help becuase it costs them money and it will cost your GP to refer you, but keep pushing for them to send you, those who shout the loudest and all that! They didn't want to help me as I'm only 20 after my lap they wanted to discharge from gyne me until the next time my endo comes back - you have to be firm with them or they won't do anything. I hope they will refer you after a while, it's not very nice for you. Anyway that might be useful or it might not be but good luck and i hope it works out for you!xxx


Yes I have had five pregnancies but unfortunately I miscarried twice. I have three lovely children despite having Endo and PCOS.

I did have my children relatively young (23,27 and 29) as I was told by a specialist to go away and make babies when I was 19/20 years old!

Good luck

Barbara x


I just wanted to say that Clomid can sometimes make endometriosis considerably worse.

If this is recommended, please insist you have monthly scans to monitor you.


Thank you both for your replies you have been very helpful doctors again tomorrow will discuss what is going to happen will keep you posted :-)


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