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Hi all just a few questions

I had a laparoscopy on 14th jan they removed endo I just had my first period which was heavier and clotter but pain no better feeling a bit discouraged is this period normal post lap ? Anyway me and my partner are trying for a baby does anybody know the sucsess rate or experianced better firtility after the endo removle me and my have been trying for a while need some hopefull words :( ×

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Sorry to hear you are still having pain,but it s understandable as your insides will still be healing.As long as you are not on ,or have just come off GNRH agonists or danazol( they take many months to get out of system) post lap is the best time to ttc.I know several ladies who conceived straight after lap.Definitely consult with GP though,before trying as above drugs can harm foetus.Wishing you luck.X


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