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Having had endo for what seems forever. Ended up in A&E last week with uncontrollable shaking and pain. Was sent through to gynae where given painkillers and monitored before having a scan. The scan showed nothing but apparently my uterus was tilted to the right and they couldn't see my right ovary. Was told I had a Uti as well so given antibiotics. Gynae came round and basically told me the pain was a 'red herring' even though pain was exactly what I always experienced she was determined it was a UTI. Never felt so insulted. Was then told to arrange to see my consultant in 3 months even though my pain was 9 on pain scale 1-10. Thankfully my parents offered to pay for me to see consultant privately. ..amazing how quick you get an appt if you offer to pay!! Seeing him today to convince him to give me hysterectomy. I am still shaking and in pain and had a week off work plus getting signed off another week. I'm fed up of it all as doing my teacher training and need to do 120 days in school but keep having time off due to pain. My partner has been incredible but obviously doesn't understand the pain. Feel so alone and know I'm going to have a fight on my hands with gynae as on zoladex which hasn't worked which I know he will argue means it isn't endo. I was wondering how many other women have had similar experiences.

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It took me a years fight to have my lap and to there suprise I had endo. I'd been diagnosed with ibs which I don't have and also evey week told I had a uti and was given antibiotics which to there amazement didn't work either. I was getting really depressed about it and was already suffering from depression. My cousin had just had a baby and my best friend was pregnant and I hates going to see them because I was convinced id never be able to have kids. I had it removed but I've been told because I'm 20 it will come back they don't know when they just know it will and possibly more than once. I still get down about it. I went to my doctor once a week if not more for a good 4 months in tears and it took a lot of water works and a lot of walking off slamming doors for me to get my treatment. Good luck I hope you et what you want xx


It took me 13 years of A&E trips and wrongly diagnosed UTIs to get anywhere. Eventually I demanded to see a private consultant and my gp referred me. I had my first appt last September and there was no question that I needed a hysterectomy. I have this booked for March 5th.

It is infuriating. I now avoid A&E at all costs I can stay at home in pain.

You can ask your GP to refer you to a private consultant under the right to choose scheme. Good lick hunny xxx


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