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That horrible word .... PAIN !!! Does anyone else suffer this as well and any advice will be most appreciated

Hi lovely Ladies

May I first of all wish you all a happy healthy new year.

I need your help please. Before I was diagnosed I experienced a pain I have never had before. I was walking along the road and before I knew it I was doubled over and the pain literally stopped me in my tracks - I don't think the pain lasted for more than 20 mins and it then passed.

I've had the same pain on two more occasions, the last one on Saturday was the worst and you know us ladies, we all have an extremely high pain threshold but this was something else - as soon as this one started I took some pain killers and it started to sub-side and after an hour I felt like I'd been in a boxing match - and that is no exaggeration I promise. The pain is not been when I have been having my period but at other times of the month.

Does anyone have any ideas or have the same experience?

I have an idea that it could be because I may have good intolerances which some of us have.

Any replies would be extremely comforting.

Thank you all in advance xxxx :0)

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When in your cycle does this occur? I have had random follicular cysts burst and they have caused intense pain that's gone reasonably quickly (as compared to the Endo pain which lasts). Try recording exactly when it happens so you can track it and maybe ask for an ultrasound x


Sounds very like my experiences.Get a diary or calendar and try to see any pattern,as cloudyrain suggests.I have just had a similar pain explosion,which after years of hospital admissions - sometimes they saw a cyst,others not as I told them it had burst- my consultant says they are follicular cysts -we all produce a tiny cyst( about 1cm) which bursts at ovulation time.I could always pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation as it would just take my breathe away.There is a name for this extreme pain mid cycle,but cant remember .This is normal,but often the cyst keeps growing( check for increasing pain after mid cycle.feelings of pressure on bladder,running to toilet) and then bursts.A number of times I have passed out with the pain,others I have been almost paralysed and unable to move.As the cyst is filled with fluid,and not solid or full of puss,the body rebsorbs it naturally with a few hours,so if you do have an ultrasound they will see nothing-very very frustrating.For many years,until I started a diary,I felt they thought I was just wanting pain relief!

Definitely sounds like popping cysts.Hope you et some answers.Sending you a hug.


Thank you so much cludyrain and daffodil for putting my mind to rest - I must admit I was very worried after this last "explosion" as you so accurately describe it daffodil it was just so debilitating.

I'm due to see my consultant this month when I am my bleeding days and will ask him.

Could I just ask you ladies one other question please.

What do you do when you have these episodes? I took 400mg of ibuprofen straightaway but I'm scared in case I'm caught out and these aren't powerful enough.

xx :0)


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