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Bad timing

I have been suffering such bad pain for years on and off, have a lap booked for Tuesday and I am so worried that they won't find anything because I am pain free at the moment and have been for over a week, just can't believe the timing of such a long pain free spell :( normally would be fantastic but does this mean any endo will be 'hidden' and so they won't see it? if I didn't have the time booked off work I would consider moving the surgery back but it's too late for that.

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does anyone know?????



I would try not to worry, I had been pain free for 7 months when I had my last surgery (thanks to being on prostap injections dampen down the endo due to artificial menupause) and I still very much had severe grade 4 endo that was very very obvious to my surgeon. Just from being pain free for a week or so will make very little difference to a diagnosis (if that's what your lap is for) as a week isn't long enough for active endo to shrink back etc. However if you are having a lap for operative treatment/removal of endo then it could mean that some may be harder to see but the notes from your diagnostic lap would map out the areas of endo identified before for your surgeon. x


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