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Is anyone else having a struggle getting a laparoscopy on the NHS?

I have been back and forth with gyne referrals for 8 years with issues of infertility and heavy periods and not once been offered a laparoscopy despite asking for one at the infertility clinic and was told I should ask for one with gyne who also refused. Just recently I had a scan that found evidence of endometrosis and have still not been offered a laparoscopy or any treatment other than an hysterectomy! I have been trying for a baby for 7 years with no luck and have lost one relationship because of this! I am now 43 years old and my chances are slim if not impossible without treatment. I did not qualify for free IVF at any point as I had two children in my twenties but my partner has none. I am feeling so angry and annoyed as I can't help wondering if this had been picked up and treated we would have been able to have our own baby.

I feel discriminated against (a friend went for IVF, got a laparoscopy when she had n't even got signs of endometrosis then went on to have a baby). This has lead to me feeling worthless and depressed. Anyone else having a problem getting a laparoscopy? Can anyone suggest routes to get one? I can not afford to pay privately.

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Hi I would change consultant if I were u get a second opinion. My consultant has been great I have had 4 laps on nhs in 2yrs. Good luck keep bugging them.


Hello, just letting you know you can get funding for ivf if you have a child in some areas, you can in mine, as long as its not with your current partner (not sure of age limits though) I was struggling to get a lap and paid private for a consultation with view to getting it done privately, the gynae actually took NHS patients too so he put me on his NHS list instead, I didn't ask he offered. Might be worth trying to find a surgeon? I paid £150 for 30 min

Good luck x


I agree with spammie85 change your consultant as I've had 3 laps in 10 yrs and going next week for my 4th, where is it u live some1 might be able to recomend one to u


Hi. I live in Leeds and was under the Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine at Seacroft Hospital and Leeds St James for gyne.


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