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Is it possible to identify endometriosis without a lap? MRI perhaps?

I am having serious pain in my back, which I put down to a problem with my hips during pregnancy, but the drs all say it should have gone by now. Throughout my pregnancy I had debilitating hip pain (SPD). None of the doctors or physiotherapists would treat me because I was a 'high risk' pregnancy (due to haemorrhage after my last baby and placenta praevia). They barely looked at me, and kept telling me it would go as soon as the baby arrived. Now she is 3 months old and I still can't walk further than 100m without needing crutches. Now my cycles have started again (she sleeps through the night) the pain in my hip is increasing again. I'm wondering if part of the problem is endo around the sacrial joint which seems to be the area causing a problem. The drs are still not interested in further investigation as they just keep saying that it will go as my body gets back together after the birth. First it was 'wait until the baby comes', now it is 'wait until you stop breastfeeding'. I'm not sure if I can cope with another year of being put off. I am still feeding my baby entirely and don't want to have surgery if at all possible, as I don't want to affect her. I also don't want to be opened up if it is indeed just a muscular thing caused by the pregnancy. Would endo show up in any other way? I wondered if an MRI may show it?

Anyone had something similar?

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I suffered with back pain and met up with a lady who work with backs but has also had endo 11 times. Doctors never really explained to me what it was when I had my op for my endo but she explained it to me better than anyone. Endo is like a spiderweb i new it attached to organs but what I didn't know is it attaches to bones as well. Endo webs it's self around the hip bone up the spine and down the legs. Your organs will repair their selfs once the endo is treated but your bones won't. I know my mum after having my brother couldn't walk after giving birth but that's because he damaged her hips. It could be you have endo growing on your hip bone causing the pain you are having! MRI scans will show why your back hurts but it won't show endo the only way to find endo is the laposcapy I hope you get answers soon xx


Yes you can get endo identified by having an MRI, providing they inject you with purple dye as they are performing it. I had it done and it showed up extensively on the scan. Hope you get sorted soon x


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