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Could do with some advice please

Hi everyone.

I apologise in advance for this but I'm a little worried and confused. In the last 2/3 weeks I have been starting my period for a few days then stopping a couple of days then starting again for a couple of days and so on. Sometimes it's just normal flow but also has been so heavy it feels like I'm peeing myself (sorry). Has anyone else had this? Should I be worried or am I just been a drama queen?

Thanks in advance x

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I had the same thing but I don't know if it was because of the endo or not I hAvent had a period since my op but that's because I'm on the pill just about to Finnish my pack. I was worried about it and talked to my friend but didn't see a doctor about it some months were really light others really heavy but most of the time they always started stoped then re started at the most awkward of times. I was constantly going to the toilet thinking I was going to wet myself. The best thig to do is probably talk to a doctor xx


Thanks hun I'm at the hospital on Thursday for pre assessment will ask them. x


It could be that the cervix is obstructed or swollen with irritation - so you have the initial bleeding escaping then the cervix gets bunged up with menstrual lining for a day or two meanwhile the uterus is still shedding and bleeding the whoa a gusher as the blockage is shifted and out it all comes.

You could ask for a scan to check for cervical polyps adding to the problem, or ask to see a gynae - with a view to a hysteroscopy camera being sent up from down below to check what's up with the cervix -

Of it could be normal at the cervix - and your womb is only partially shedding and bleeding then while that recovers there is a gap in time till the rest gets active.

It may be something and nothing. But definitely mention it as it can be checked out.


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