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Endo, sex and the pill - is the universal advice 'just carry on taking it back to back'?

Yo. 22, endo suddenly came on around a year ago, was lucky enough to get diagnosed quickly and had a laparoscopy where 'moderate' amounts of endo tissue were removed.

Barely any pain since, but I've been taking a low dose pill, Loestrin, for about 10 months and have only had one break in that time. My GP said I could lower it to taking a break every 3/4 months, but personally I don't feel happy shoving so many hormones in my body and I think my body is telling me that it's too unnatural. I've never had a problem with cervical erosion until taking the pill back-to-back for so long, causing excessive discharge and sometimes bleeding after sex, and now it's something which is embarrassing and quite frankly gross and abnormal.

Basically, I'd be much happier taking the pill as any normal woman would - 3 weeks then a break - the only problem is that my greatest concern for the endo coming back is the painful sex it caused me in the first place.

Anyone else reverted to taking the pill as normal without problems/according to doctor's advice?


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I have had painful sex for 6 nearly 7 years, I was diagnosed with endo 5 months ago. They didn't remove any of mine just told me to tri-cycle my pill which I have been doing but I'm still bleeding whilst on my 2nd lot of tri-cycling! I think you should talk to your dr about it, if your not happy with this situation then don't do it. I'm sure there's other things. Or even taking it for 2 months then a break!?


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