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Chest Pains and breathing?

Hi all, I was wondering if any of you suffered with chest pains and breathing and if it can be connected to Endo or PCOS (I have both). I also have many other health problems including ME and wonder if its to do with that, but have heard somewhere about cysts growing in strange places so wonder if it could be the endo?

I had gall bladder surgery over a year ago and it was stuck to my abdominal wall by lots of adhesions, I wonder if maybe the breathing has something to do with this if spread other parts?

Also I am 39 and they do say risks grow with use of the Pill as get older, do any of you feel it could be this causing chest pain, how long is it ok to take the pill before having to go onto HRT?

Hope someone can help, thank you.

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You may need to get checked for endo in the diaphragm and lung cavity. it is rare but can grow anywhere including the lungs. Also check your blood pressure rate at the times you are having chest pains and breathing problems ..it may be that you have very high blood pressure and these are causing panic attacks which can cause the same symptoms. It could be TB, it could be lots of things.

Please see your GP and get checked out. chest pains and breathing issues may be endo related but could also be a sign of more imediately worrying issues, so you should always see your GP for chest pain and breathing issues.


Have you had a blood test recently? Anaemia causes breathing problems and I get chest pain too, you could be lacking in iron??


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