Has anyone tried alternative / holistic methods to help with their endo?

I'm thinking of giving something other than painkillers a go as I'm sick of relying on them & still being attacked by symptoms. I'm going to give yoga a go as it is about as energetic as I can get at the moment but wondered if anyone has tried any other alternative/holistic things they'd recommend trying/avoiding?


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  • Hello,

    yes I did. And after 7 years of battling infertility due to endometriosis and after quite few laparoskopies and hormonal treatments I actually got pregnant ( in only 4 weeks) with acupuncture and after chnaging my life style. Two children were born just before my 40th birthday. Do your research and go by your instinct, try reflexology or other treatments and see what works for you. After the two pregnancies I had within the last 3 years I have no longer any pain or not even think about endometriosis. I am still breastfeeding ( non stop for the last 2 years) so that probably helped as well as no period for the whole time...

  • Hi pavlakess that is very nice to hear. Just one quick question, do you still have endometrioma or is it completely removed or just disappeared on its own./?

  • Hello mystyle, I'm not sure if I've responded to your question yet as there was quite few emails on my mail today. I've had some removed years ago and it seems that the two pregnancies sorted the rest. I feel great.

  • Hi...even I hv just started acupuncture from last one month...I hv been feeling very positive n very confident sbout my body...I am sure like other with acupuncture treatment. ..even I will conceive soon...as at the clinic I hv witnessed msny patients with endometriosis conceiving naturally. ..it works..please try it.

  • Hello ladies, I spent years on forums looking for hope and advice, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved. I overcame my 7 years of infertility due to endometriosis and reoccurring ovarian cysts. Just before my 40 I completely changed my life style and as a result I had two beautiful healthy children NATURALLY! No IVF! I wanted to share my success in the hope that I might help other ladies on their difficult quest to have children. My ebook is published on Amazon and will be available completely free on 2nd of February 2014. Hopefully I didn't sound too markety, I'm just keen on helping. (5 SIMPLE WAYS TO FERTILITY - Pavla Kesslerova)

  • So amazing congratulations. I'm terrified I won't have children I'm only 24 but it's on my mind constantly and don't have a bf so no where near close and don't want to leave it too long!! Defo reading your book for a bit of guidance and inspiration. I've wanted to try acupuncture for a while now. Thank you so much xx

  • Hello Danni25800, first of all I must say that you are very beautiful

  • Grrr half of my answer disappeared! Just wanted to say: Please don't program your mind with negative thoughts. I've met the man of my life and what I thought on that time was the best potential father for my so wanted children at 30! You've got plenty of time! Best wishes!

  • That's so lovely for you to say. Thank you! :) nope I try not to think too negatively about to give your book a read :) thank you again!! Xx

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