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since find out about having endo and being on prostap injection loss of sex drive

hi i have just turnd 31 and since finding out about having endo and having prostap injections every 4 weeks and pain full sex i have lost my sex drive and i dont know if this is normal i also suffer with depession i have been with my partner for 3years, we want children and its all i can think about since being told i can not have children i feel like i have let him and my family down. xx

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Hi Laina :)

Firstly, you have not let anybody down. You didn't choose to have this disease, so stop beating yourself up about it. I bet your partner and your family are not thinking for one moment that you have let them down, I bet their only concern is for your wellbeing. Besides, I too was told that I would absolutely never fall pregnant and I did, completely naturally and without help. Nothing is ever set in stone.

However, one of the biggest side effects of Prostap is mood swings, which in your case has presented as depression. And loss of sex drive is also a common side effect. It's all absolutely horrible but absolutely normal. If you already suffer from depression before you bring in the Prostap injections it'll make it 10 times worse. The way I got through all of my Prostap courses when things were bleak was by saying to myself It's Only The Drug, This Will Pass.

Sending lots of love and hugs. Hang in there

C xxx


Hi, I am 36 and not on prostrap but can relate to how you feel. I have suffered with increasing pain over the last year and completely lost any interest in sex. The pain doesn't exactly get you in the mood and knowing it will probably makeit worse too it is very normal to loose sex drive. Added with the drugs too I'm sure that's not helping. I'm also on antidepressant since being diagnosed and finding out I needed my tubes removed. I'm now recovering from a laparotomy and am hoping this op will improve things. It's still a bit early to decide how much it's helped as I've got pains from the op so still on strong painkillers but the way I've dealt with it all is to just keep hoping that this will improve things and once the pains are under control I hope the sex drive returns! My husband has made comments about missing sex which I understand but when we talk properly he does understand and doesnt want to see me in pain so I'm sure your other half would feel the same.

As for babies, well I've had a lot of tears dealing with the fact I may never have children and over Xmas with so much focous on children I've had a few hard days wondering what will happen in the future. I have looked into ivf as this is my only option now but I'm too old for funding in my area which was devastating but the only thing that keeps me going is the hope that it's still possible if we decide to do it.

So I just really wanted you to know it's not your fault and don't give up hope! As the lady above says maybe you'll just be lucky or if your tubes are blocked or removed like me then research ivf. As your 31 you may get funding or at least ask to be refered to fertility for some tests, and don't give up hope. My cousin has just told me after her second attempt at ivf shes pregnant with twins! So there is help and it can work and that's what keeps me going! All I will sayis itit's worth finding out the funding in your area as I left it too late and self funding is a big cost which means we will have to wait a bit longer yet but fingers crossed one day it will happen for us both x

I hope it helps knowing how you feel is very normal, and your not alone! it's no ones fault and try to keep hopeful xx


hi thank you for replying to me its just nice to talk to people who know what am going through i also having to have my tubes removed, am really considering surrogacy as i dont think am going to be able to lose the weight they want me to in time be for the cut off age x


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