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Anyone experienced pregnancy with Endometriosis? I have some queries, can anyone help please?

HI I would like to ask some information on what happens to scare tissue and adhesion's when giving birth, if it is natural. Has anyone got any experiences to share please?

I was told many years ago I couldn't fall pregnant, but now luckily I am 35 weeks pregnant. I have no fears of the birth except the issues that my previous operations may have left behind. And the adhesion's that must have built up over the time since my last operation. This I fear will possibly complicate matters, or cause, excessive bleeding or increase the pain.

There is no evidence or facts that the new hormones in my body have gotten rid of them, as the doctors suggest. Anyone have any actual experience of a natural birth, or does it always end up a cesarean?

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Hi ive got endo and am mum to three. Pregnancy is the best possible thing for endo. I've had one section, my first and before I knew anything about endo. Then a natural 19 months later and another natural six years after. If you get the option try for a natural. A big old c section slice through your belly isn't going to do you any favours trust me. My consultant is a leading expert . He told me that pregnancy effectively cleanses the uterus. I was symptom free for five years after my second and another five after my third. My troubles started after my first, the planned section due to a breech. There is a school of thinking that a section scar internally actually encourages endo. The scar tissue acts like a magnet for more endo..I've actually had a hernia op cancelled so they can avoid cutting me open and creating more scar tissue. I've tried all the treatments lotions and potions over the years. Now I'm fitted with the mirena, take the pill without break and am doing the menopause dance lol ! Hysterectomy isn't a cure. It just buys some time. The hrt they give you after a hysterectomy actually encourages endo growth. Both my sisters have this and so did my grandmother. My only concern now is I've passed this on to my daughters. However, we know much more about this horrid disease now than we did. Good luck with your pregnancy. Try not to worry. Xx


Hey I am 24 and was told at 19 I wouldn't fall pregnant as well, I now have a 1 year old daughter, I had natural labour not pain relieth or anythin as it happened that quickly and everythin was great no complications! X


I've had 3 laps and also a right salpingo oophorectomy via a laparatomy. I still managed to give birth naturally even though I did end up having a third degree tear but that's got nothing to do with endo,adhesions etc and I'm sure it might've been avoided if they had cut me(episiotomy) instead. Thanks to exclusively breastfeeding, I also didn't have any periods till my daughter was 9 months old. Now that my period's back, the pain is slowly coming back but at the moment I can control it with just taking solpadol.


Hi. My story is a little unusual. I was diagnosed with stage four endo after a lap in 2012. My GP later informed me it would be unlikely I would have a child but it turned out I was about one week pregnant when I went for the lap.

I had no complications during pregnancy or birth. My daughter was born naturally and I only needed gas and air!! Don't worry, all will be ok!!

Congratulations and good luck Xx



Good luck with your pregnancy.

I have endo, and gave birth 5 weeks ago. In the end I had a vaginal delivery. It was with forceps, but that was mainly because I had an epidural and so couldn't push at the end. Baby is fine.

They didn't recommend a caesarean in my case - I think they are always keen to encourage a vaginal birth where possible.

I did have a few bleeds in the final trimester of pregnancy - although as far as I know that wasn't to do with the endo.

I hope things work out well for you. Endo is v common and I imagine that lots of people with endo do give birth vaginally.


I have two beautiful children, both normal deliveries. My endo has always come back after. You will be fine good luck x


Dear ladies

happy new year and thanks for the encouragement and well wishes, much appreciated.

warm regards Karenx


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