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What causes adhesion apart from operations and endo?

I had a (3rd) diagnose lap in October and I stayed overnight and I was told by one of my consultant team doctor who wasn't even in the operation theatre that I have some endo at my pouch of Douglas but I have lots of lots of adhesion. The diagnose letter talks about adhesion but nothing said about endo. GP was not informed about that I got endo officially.

Well I had three diagnose laps in 2006,2011 and this year. My period pain was really got worse since 2000 and my pelvic pain got worse in 2003. The 2006 lap didn't really shown very much in the pelvic area even I had very bad pain.

I gave a birth in 2008 and I had very bad torn so I had stitched a lot.

The 2011 lap showed dense adhesion around my bowel. Had I possibly got adhesion from the stitches in 2008 after giving a birth?

Or had I had endo from the beginning when the pelvic pain got really worse in 2003 and inflammation made adhesion and just got worse gradually?

I know I can't be sure now as I didn't have diagnose lap in 2003 so I can't say I had endo in 2003 but I just want to know how adhesion got so much and endo is so little when the pain is so much.

GP explained me where the adhesion was found and they are quite at the awkwed place and might be difficult to separate. I am annoyed why I am left such a long time without treatment until my adhesion is such a bad state. Why couldn't I have a treatment before when it was easier to operate with less risk?

Well my question is are there any cause to adhesion apart from operation or endo?

In my case, until 2006 which was my first lap, I have never have operation. So I shouldn't have any adhesion pain from operation. (Is that mean I had end pain possibly, just not found that time)? Could this lap in 2006 and stitches from giving birth(2008) cause dense adhesion found in the lap in 2011?

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Every trauma that causes an internal wound will cause an adhesion - it is scar tissue - a natural cushion of protection your body creates for any trauma or injury. doesn't have to be a direct wound.

Could be a cycling injury- a thump in the tummy by a child or pet jumping on you, you bashing in to an object, Could have stemmed from any child hood accidents onwards.

Could be a particularly bad consitpation issue, or vigourous sex, or simply the use of tampons can cause adhesions inside the vagina...or pregnancy too (including baby kicking inside)

Anything that causes an internal trauma can trigger the body to create adhesions.

Now the trouble with them is they don't know when to stop growing. They can start growing anywhere and the longer you leave it the meshy sticky network has fanned out in all directions sticking one thing to another and getting in to all sorts of nooks and crannys.

It can mature to such an extent that it develops its own network of blood vessels.

There is not cure at all. They can be cut back but that is a temporary step as it will always grow back and every surgery encourages more of them - so surgeries should be kept to a minimum for that reason alone.

There are barriers that can be put in the tummy between certain organs to try and prevent them gluing back to gether so quickly after they have been untangled, but even they are not 100% for ever solutions. The adhesions just grow thill the hit the barriers.

Sorry it's not great news on the adhesion front.

We do need to heal and they are part of healing - so it isn;t likely anyone will invent a magic bullet to stop them growing after a certain stage... which is a great pity.


God how depressing Is there any point to even having a Laparoscopy done?

im having my first one done and ive read so many stories i just think i should not even bother


Yes there is - because to get the endo removed properly stops it from spreading and bleeding and that bleeding can no longer irritate other tissues and cause adhesions. You can also have lots of the adhesions you already have, cut right back which can give you quite some time of relief. Certainly worth having the engine tuned up every now and then.


I didn't know adhesion can be form that easily. Shocking...

I am getting operation to separate adhesion next year. How long do I get relief? It won't be much point if I don't get long enough relief to go through the operation. Well I don't know how long is the long enough though. Does people usually get at least a few years relief average? I guess some people get longer and some people won't get very much though...


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