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My question is around endo diet, does it just alleviate symptoms or does it actually heal endo itself? Thanks all

I had no idea i even had endo. I had a 7cm cyst on my left ovary which burst, rushed to a&e, laparoscopy done which removed some of the endo which is stage 4. Left me in shock as although i had heavy periods etc i just thought it was normal. I just wanted to know if the diet actually heals endo or just the symptoms as reading some of your posts here i seem to be ok symptom wise so far and the diet seems quiet extreme. Thanks <img src='//d37jpvxvnmgnc2.cloudfront.net/aurora/images/smiley/smile.gif' alt=':)' title=':)' />

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Gosh that must have been a shock for you I think the diet does work and it keeps the body clean try eveing primrose oil and SHATVARI PLUS it regulates the estrogen levels in your body and is a wonderful natrual tonic for womens reproductive systems


Thanks for this. i will look out for this for sure. I am also now only able to read my discharge notes clearly and it mentions bladder endo. . explains the constant trips to the toilet and other things.


hi, i am sorry to hear of your story, your cyst bursting and being rushed to a&e isn't the first case i have heard of. I hope you are mending speedily post surgery :)

Unfortunately there is not cure for endo the diet helps to relieve symptoms tho the diet is different for everyone. Me, for example, I have to avoid red meat and rice but for others its diary, bread etc.

Trial and error see what works best for you :)


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