Seen the doc feel loads better!

Had to give in yesterday and ended up at hospital due to been doubled over in pain and feeling sick. Got a shot of (voltarol) which eventually took the edge off. Went to see my GP this morning and he's changed my meds and given me some anti sickness and already I feel so much better. After reading lots of posts on here I count myself extremely lucky that I have such a wonderful, understanding GP I wish all you ladies could see him. I hope your all having a good pain free day. Love to you all.

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  • oh that is good news, I am really pleased for you. A Good doctor does make all the difference! The last one I saw was useless, almost had me in tears from frustration with him rather than the pain I had from the endo..... Am thinking about trying to find another surgery. Hope you are start to feel lots better now. xx

  • Thanks Bez76. I wish more people had as good a doc as we do. It must be awful for you to have a doc who doesn't understand or just doesn't care. I hope you can find a better doc at some point hun. I already feel less sick and in a lot less pain thankfully. I wish you all the best luck in finding a different understanding doc who can help you with your pain hun. Lots of love and hugs hun xxx

  • I love Volatrol too - only my GP is anxiously trying to perduade me that Naproxen is better for me. perhaps in the longer term- but when in pain I want rid of that pain !!

  • I know what you mean hun why mess with what already works! I trust your having a pain free day.

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