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Hello :)

No periods since laparoscopy to treat endo and not falling pregnant! Any advice? :(

I have experienced lower pelvic pain and erratic bleeding for 13months + various tests and eventually got laparoscopy in oct had endometriosis confirmed and removed but since surgery havnt had a period. We are newly married and trying for our second baby (fell preg on the pill unexpectedly with first) and feel like it's never going to happen. Getting a prescription on Friday for something to make me have a "withdrawal bleed" has anyone got any info on this? Won't refer me to infertility til April and feeling completely heartbroken. Since surgery I am still having the same constant pain and really making me feel down and tired and worthless! Please someone shine the light for me?

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I didn't have a period for 2 months after my lap, but I did have an ovary removed x


I had my op on 4/10/13 and nothing since then :( x


Unfortunately you just have to be patient and wait until they allow you the treatment. My sister was in the same position. She has endo to And struggled to fall pregnant only to have multiple miscarriages. When she was given the fertility treatment and was able to use it in time she became pregnant and so far so good. She will be having her baby very soon. It's hard and very upsetting but don't be disheartened it just takes time. They said my sister would never be able to conceive and keep it but she did so I'm sure you have just add much chance as she did. Don't let it beat you. Xx


You may need some lab work to determine ovarian function, if you are taking lupron or have taken it in the past some women reportr that their periods did not come back normally.


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