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Awaiting hysterectomy i have a question about zoladex and oophoectomy and hoping someone answer

Hi i suffer from endo and adenoymosis at the end of Jan Im having a hysterectomy. Im currently on 3rd of 3 month course of zoladex before(having taken 3 a few years ago) is it safe to a have another before op as thats makes it 7 in total. Also Dont know what's best chocolate cyst removal and keep ovaries or lose ovaries and take hrt . Gynea has suggested both and i have to decide. Help and advise needed please

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Hi Michelle

Although it is recommended that Zoladex is restricted to 6 month courses there are ladies on here who have been on it continuously for a couple of years. If you're being monitored and your gynae is happy, it's fine.

Keep ovaries, or at least one ovary, at all costs. Your body needs estrogen and having an ovary to produce it naturally is SO much better than taking HRT, which has been proven to cause all manner of other problems. If one of your ovaries is more prone to cysts than the other one then lose that one and keep the other; exactly the same thing happened to me, my left ovary was constantly producing cysts and in the end it was pretty much all cyst and no ovary so out it came. The other one stayed quiet for 10 years before a cyst popped up totally unexpectedly, but it was dealt with with Zoladex and so far, touch wood, it's been totally quiet again.

You probably know this already but be aware that the hysterectomy will only help with problems that are directly connected to your womb - if your endo is anywhere else taking your womb out won't solve anything. Once you've got endo, you've got it for life. Aren't we lucky....obviously the adeno will be gone though which can only be a good thing.

Hope this has helped a bit at least :)

Good luck, and lots of love

C xxx


Hi there, I had a total hysterectomy and lost my ovaries a few years ago. If at all possible I would also recommend keeping at least one ovary as I feel the loss of hormones has had an impact on my feelings about being a woman, sex drive etc. I'm on HRT but there are limited options on the HRT front as you can't have too much oestrogen However it doesn't bother me taking it and I'm not sure why everyone is saying to avoid it. Recent studies have shown that breast cancer is not a risk with it if you start taking it early. And there are advantages when you see all your friends struggling with the menopause when you have no symptoms at all!

I had adenomyosis too and obviously hysterectomy is a good option on that front, though I still get some pain (though not as bad as before), even after losing ovaries, and am being referred to the clinic to see what's going on. So there are no guarantees, even with a total hysterectomy.

Good luck with your decision.


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