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Help with deciphering my lap results please - will I ovulate now?

Hi all,

I had my lap and dye a week or so ago and just read through my discharge letter again - just wondered if anyone could help with some of the results? (I've had a bit of a google but wondered if there was anyone knowledgeable on here!)

- Evidence of old and active endometriosis, with peritoneal windows, both in the right ovarian fossa and pouch of douglas.

- Significant active disease around distal right ureter at its junction with the uterine artery(I'm assuming this explains why I've always been so susceptible to cystitis?)

- The dye eventually filled and spilled but required significant pressure

- Left fimbrial cyst which we aspirated and fenestrated

The surgeon told me he left the endo lower down as I made it clear my main aim is to get pregnant at the moment. He seemed to think that clearing my tubes out would be enough to get me pregnant, but my main issue is that I don't ovulate as I've been told I may have PCOS

Can anyone tell me if any of the stuff they did during my lap is likely to make me ovulate, or should I be pushing to go on chlomid?

Thanks x

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I Hun, i have pcos too and my main issue is also getting pregnant iv also been put on zoladex which will stop me ovulating. But i was told that if you have normal periods or a none forced period you have ovulated (usually) 14-15days before the first day of that period. If you don't have a period at all with out needing medical to bring them on, and you have been trying for more than a year i would defiantly say push for the chlomid.

I hope you get your baby and i thought id say i already have a little boy hes 2year old at the moment. I was diagnosed with pcos at 17 and a bycornuate uterus then about 2weeks ago diagnosed with Endo, so there is hope out there Hun and he was conceived naturally. He was prem and had his problems but you wouldn't think so to look at him



I also have Endo and PCOS. I have three children.

I needed Clomid to induce ovulation. It's a really good treatment but the only thing I would say is if you are prescribed Clomid, make sure doctors give you regular pelvic scans. Sometimes the Clomid can make the Endomertriosis rapidly grow, so pleased insist on being monitored.

Best wishes,



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