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pain at all times now :(

I had a lap in Sept and reported that all endo had been removed from my uterus, ovaries and bowel. I have since noticed a pain every time i have a wee. However this last weekend I've been havind pain at all times, I am not on nor am i ovulating. Does anybody think not all my endo is gone or could it still be healing from surgery (all of a sudden producing pain) Does anybody else have pain that no longer concurs with period???

please help - I've had enough :'(

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Hi I had my op sept I had two weeks pain free now mine is back 24, 7, last wk seen endo nurse I told her that I thought they had missed some when they operated which she agreed with me she showed me pic's they took during my op and they show that my bladder is still stuck down and has endo adhesion on it I also get pains in my legs and hips, numbness in top of my leg since my op. Nurse said that some of my tummy pain could be from the surgery cause area they burnt was still raw, and would take another 2-3 months to heal but cause they left some behind and it's effecting my bladder that I'm looking at possibly another op. Not sure if this helps you but I do know how your feeling and how hard it is to cope with pain. Hope they sort you out take care x


thanks hun, Yeah it almost seems more constant now than it did before the lap !!

I did tell him before he operated that i had pain to poo and pain to wee ut i dont think he looked at my bladder but he has discharged me but reffered to urologist - so looks like i may have to start the whole process again :( It took 6.5years to get in diagnosed in the first place.....

I have pain in lower back, when i wee, wind or poo (has come back) an sometimes when i sit down on my rear it hurts :(

Although I'm very sad u have the same pains also im glad its not just me (if u see what i mean) xxx


Totally understand. I have all same pains as you, it's like looking in the mirror with symptoms and pain. I was discharged too up until last wk I've now got app with specialist January, so go back to your doc and tell him u need a follow up app that's what I told endo nurse also my doc booked me in with the pain clinic perhaps they can help you as well. Good luck!!!!


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