Does anybody know if you are still able to have fertility investigations if your relationship with your partner has come to an end?

I have been trying for a baby for over two years and have finally been given an appointment to have a laparoscopy to see if there are problems with my tubes which are causing me not to fall pregnant. However, my relationship has broken down and therefore I am concerned that the investigations which were going to take place will be cancelled if I am not in a relationship as there are still tests which need to be done before the laparoscopy which involve a partner. Even though I am now single the question still remains, can I even get pregnant.

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  • Fertility checks are not dependent on having a full time partner. If anyone does pry and get nosey just say your other half is working offshore or overseas right now.

  • Hello, if you are under the care of a fertility specialist it would be dependant on you being in a relationship (not sure how far along you are in your tests) you have to of been trying with partner for 12 months unsuccessfully to start fertility investigations, or to have a history of artificial insemination with a same sex partner, so I imagine if you split you lose your referral, this happened to me, just as we were getting ready to go for ivf we split and I had to be honest and tell them, they discharged me, I didn't get the surgery I needed as they then wrote to me saying as I was no longer seeking assisted conception that my surgery wasn't deemed unecessary, I then had to then battle gynae to sort my surgery. I think if you asked your GP for basic blood work to establish if you were nearing menopause for eg that they might do them, but to the best of my knowledge fertility hospitals wouldn't continue testing once the relationship broke down, there were certain appoints my partner had to come to, and some he didn't, I would just see how far you can get without him

    Good luck x

  • Just re read your message actually, my hospital wouldn't of got me to the next stage until my partner had been to andrology for his tests (we had completed all the tests before we split including checks on tubes) if they are already talking about a lap now then maybe you might get lucky and get on the waiting list before they realise you haven't completed your tests, my hospital wouldn't do any surgery without all the tests results first though. Failing that just go through the gynae route, ask them or your GP to refer you for the surgery you need x

  • Isn't that disgusting as it is you that wants to be tested regardless of a man being in your life or not, you may want to know now so you know where you stand man or no man. Can you go down a different route to get the op or is there a male friends who can 'donate a sperm sample for you' awkward as it would be but at least you could still go ahead. If all else fails I wouldn't admit you have split I would also say he is working away right now and go ahead with the tests. X

  • I've just finished going through all the fertility test, WITHOUT having a partner. I can't see that it would be a problem, but you could ring and check first before going. x

  • The hospital refused to attend to me cos my partner wasn't there, the rules of fertility clinic is you must have a partner if you are trying to get pregnant. You can have diagnositic lap and dye test under general gyne without a man being involved cos that was what I had in 2009.

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