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Bleeding mid cycle ?

Hi, i was diagnosed with endo stage 4 a couple of years ago and i had a laparatomy april last year my gynae said my tubes looked healthy and my ovaries were ok since having my op i have a 28 day cycle but today is my 15th day in my cycle and im bleeding like dark red/brownish colour and ive never had this before i googled to see what it might be and it said about egg ruptering so i did an ovualtion test but showing im not ovulation just wondered if anyone else has experienced this at all xx

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Dark bleeds are old lining coming away...stuff that should have come out when you had a period and for whatever reason didn't. Perhaps the oestrogen boost at ovulation time is enough to cause the remaining lining to shed and that is what is causing the mid cycle bleeds.

The fact it is dark does indicate it is not fresh new bleeding but old blood that has lost its oxygen. As you get older having dark blood as part of periods does get more frequent anyway...I wouldn;t worry about it. If it was bright red fresh new blood then it might be worth mentioning to your GP next visit, but the fact ist is dark is just indicating it has been in there a while, that is all.

Perhaps the cervix is narrowed with adhesions and the pathway for periods is restricted and getting a bit blocked up. At any event I really wouldn't worry unduly. It's annoying yes but not a sign of anything sinister.


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