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How do I check if my mirena coil is still in place?

Hey ladies,

I had my first mirena coil fitted last week, as I had it at the same time as my laparoscopy, I was a bit too out of it for the Gyne to properly explain how to check its position etc.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but do I just need to see if I can just feel the strings or is there something a bit more to checking whether it's still there?

Thanks :) x

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I had the same issue as you, as I had mine fitted under GA too. I was told to stand with one foot on the toilet seat and just reach in and feel the strings! I was worried mine had come out as I couldn't feel anything but apparently I cant feel mine as my cervix & womb are tilted back.

Sounds like TMI but I just ask my partner if he can feel it- and he can so I'm not worried...


Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was as simple as that! Hopefully the coil will suit me and help this horrible endo :)


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