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Would really appreciate some help! Do my symptoms sound like a cyst?

I'm currently suffering with lower right side pain in my abdomen, lower right side back pain, headaches, reduced appetite, weeing more and feeling quite poorly. My GP is sending me for a scan (but that's not for another 4 weeks) to check for a cyst but he's not sure my symptoms fit as he doesn't think I should feel poorly. My urine test showed some white blood cells but not enough to confirm a UTI. Does it sound like a cyst?

Thanks in advance,

Rebecca x

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Could be, I wasn't showing signs of endo or cysts , was admitted early December and it took four weeks for them to discover the rupturing cysts and another 2 months to discover the endo. Everyone is different with the symptoms


I had your symptoms exactly and had white cells in urine but no infection confirmed. Turned out I did have a cyst. The right sided abdo and low back pains were awful as was my migraines. I've taken ibuprofen regularly and although its eased a lot I'm still not right. I would push for tv scan ASAP.

Take care x


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