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Does zoladeX really work to help you fall pregnant?

Hi ladies. Coming to the end of my treatment now for endometriosis. Doctors seem hopeful I will conceive after treatment. However before now I had been trying for 4 years. Should I get my hopes up or not? My body is starting to ache for a child of my own now I couldn't bare to get my hopes up to have my heart broken.

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After the last implant you do have to wait 4 months before trying for a baby, meantime keep using condoms as before- to avoid getting pregnant and putting the baby at risk from the drug.

Ovulation restarts on average about 5 months after the treatment is stopped. Half of ladies will be quicker than that, half will take longer. If you are quicker to restart periods you still need to wait till all the residue from the implants is out of your system.

Try and relax and take time to recover and de-stress in the weeks and months after finishing the drug. Eat well, get exercise enjoy your time free of periods and keep occupied with activities you perhaps haven't been able to do for a while.

There is no point whatsoever in brooding about trying to conceive when you should not be even trying that for a set time frame, so you really need to be finding things to do to occupy your self in other ways. Take up badminton, join a club that does crafts, get a pet dog you can take for walks or borrow someone elses. Anything to get you back up and active again and take your mind off things for the time being. Chances are it is the last thing you want to be doing while still on the drug, but it does wear off in weeks and you will feel quite different when the drug is out of your system and things start to wake up again.

You can't speed this process up any quicker so make the most of the inbetween finishing drugs and TTC times. And if you are relaxed and de-stressed it will be a huge boost to your efforts to conceive and you will be better able to cope if at first you don't succeed.

Very Best of Luck

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Impatient no offence but have you already got children?I'm on zoladeX and the progesterone only pill which was approved by my doctor and I'm getting married next year so have plenty to occupy me. One thing I can tell you though is that I'm 26 and I've been trying to get pregnant for 5 years and the one thing that makes me angry is when people say it will happen when you stop thinking about it. Now I can assure I have by no means been obsessed for the last 5 years. Havingbeing told my options were zoladeX or a histerectomy I'm simply trying to find out Wat the chances are of me carrying my own baby.


I've sent you a message K8YL31GH x


Hi thats what they wanted to put me on, well all the consultants say different so i guess its down to me what i want, but i asked to try natrally after surgery because some people do have luck that way, after 5 months with no luck i went back and asked for the dye test (get all the possible problems) delt with, and when i went for that test my tubes have been damaged from the endo and he said this is one of the reasons why you have been finding it difficult fall pregnant, they said the next step is a balloon procedure to try and open them, well thats where i am so far, hope you fall pregnant soon xx


Hi this is for who ever this might help there are healthy ways to getting pregnant even if you are older. Its been proven to help out a lot of people that have been having trouble its even guaranteed. heres the blog i hope it helps



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