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1 day post op.. First lap.. What can I expect?

Hey all, I'm new on here really as I've been living without a diagnosis for about 18 months, but they did find endo yesterday..

I'm torn between relief and disappointment, they got rid of some cells, but had to leave some in as they were on the urethra or in the 'Pouch of Douglas' which as far as I can figure out is the space between your vaginal and rectal wall???

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This wasn't my whole post.. I also wanted some advice about dressings, recovery time etc as I haven't really had any good pre or post op advice from the hospital..


I had the same with my ops. My urethra is buried in endo. It's a nuisance! I did end up having a second op, and now waiting for a third with a specialist so hoping he will sort it.

In terms of dressings I applied new ones everyday for 3 days and then let it dry out in the air as that's what I was told. I used big plasters and it worked fine.

My ops both took 2 weeks for main recovery (able to go to work) and another 8 weeks to feel totally fine, but everyone is different.

I hope that helps.


Don't eat anything stodgy as the pain killers make you painfully constipated. I stuck to vegetables and avoided all breads and was ok. Light pottering around is good but don't overdo it as you need to heal and listen to your body - if you aren't ready to get back into the normal routine then Don't because you will only make yourself more poorly in the long run. Consider all your options now that you have your diagnosis, I don't take any tablets I control my symptoms with the endo-resolved diets and similar. Endometriosis UK may have a support group in your area, I'm going to start going to mine as I think the peer support would really help. :) xxxx


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