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Everyone seems very, very low, how about some funny/uplifting stories. What's been your greatest achievement this year/month/week?

This year, I learnt how to knit when I was bedridden by this rubbish-ness and now I've made some super lovely knitting friends.

Today, I coloured my nails in a great new colour that I'm hoping will inspire me/my body to get dressed and maybe get out tomorrow.

Your go...


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  • I bought a house that was a massive achevment and I love it. :-)

    That's all I wanted to achieve this year. Next year I want to come off all my medications! X

  • I'm still not officially diagnosed with Endo, although I've had a laperoscopy.

    Out of the many many doctors I've seen 5 of them have said that they truely believe with all my symptoms it HAS to be endo.

    So with all that said after having 3 months off sick and then 6months at 16hrs a week at work, my biggest achievement is... Cleaning my filthy oven by myself!

    I had to take morphine after but I still managed it.

    Well done on the knitting and well done on the house buying!!


  • I managed to finish my BA Hons degree in the middle of losing my job and suffering with this horrible condition! :) now while still suffering I'm doing a teach English abroad course :) I must be crazy!

    Well done for all your achievements! :)

    We will beat this :))


  • Wow! Well done everyone! So pleased we've stood up to the endometriosis. Go us!!


    Ps who else is grateful for Internet shopping? I, personally, couldn't live with without it!

  • I am grateful for internet shopping also, it helped me buy stuff like flat shoes for work while I was recovering and couldn't go anywhere

  • I've not had the best year with lots on my mind but having to focus on my work and some days dragging myself in, Friday my bride came in to collect her dress and gave me a card and some chocolates to say thankyou. When I read the card she had written such lovely words I almost cried! So when I'm reminded how happy my brides are and how much they love there dress and have enjoyed every part of having there dress made, I'm reminded of the achievement of actually getting all the orders done and painting a smile on everyday so they have no idea of the struggles I've had and will have. So when I'm feeling down and feel like I've done nothing with my life some kind words remind me what I have acheived !

    Congrats to you all for your acheivemants and really cleaning the oven!!! Wow I can't even face that! Well done to everyone for every achievement and for keeping strong and fighting through this every day which I think everyone should be proud of ourselves for having the strength to fight the endo!

    Nice post cheered me up this morning ! Thanks x

  • I got a new job on Friday and I'm hoping once I start I will feel better as my current job brings many stresses. I'm also going to be a nanna at the end of the year and will have a wonderful little grand daughter to help keep my mind of this horrible illness.

    I hate shopping so being able to do it on the internet is fab! Hope everyone has had an okay day today, take care X

  • Wow congrats on both ! And a little granddaughter will keep you smiling! I'm off to see my niece tomorrow she always makes me smile, and takes my mind off the pains for a while!

  • I graduated with a Bsc. in Computing, made myself and my family proud.

  • Just to add thank god for internet shopping as otherwise no Xmas pressis for anyone this year. Op due end November and not allowed to lift anything heavy or drive till mid January at earliest so Xmas shopping with wrapping service will be a life saver this year! Lay in bed click buy and then rest! Easy!!! Lol

  • That sounds like heaven to me christmas shopping whilst in bed and having all the pressies wrapped! I know your circumstances arent great and that you will be out of action for a while, good luck for your op in November. Also, must be rewarding when you get a thank you card and make you feel special, especially when you are suffering. Take care X

  • Thanks, yes got to admit not traipsing round shops last minute rushing to buy last presents cause I've been too busy working is going to be great! I can browse the net for hours and have a nap in between! Lol. Yes really did perk me up as was suffering but fingers crossed this op improves things and I'll be in less pain soon.... Thinking positive and looking forward to a rest!

  • Good luck with your op, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • You guys are awesome! Xx

  • You too Anna ! Great idea for some positive thoughts x

  • Thanks! :) x

  • My cat has had kittens so there's a few free smiles running about my house at the moment :)

  • Animal therapy!! My favourite! Enjoy the cute fluffballs of joy.

  • Hi all,

    Have a bunch of flowers on me ;)

    This is a lovely little thing, it will make you smile, (hopefully!)


    Click to make the magic appear, or click and drag for lots.

    Refresh to clear and start again.


  • Ha ha, that's fantastic, I love it. The simple things in life are the things that make you smile the most. :)

  • aww I love it!

  • Glad I made you smile :) x

  • I got married 2 days after coming out of hospital, after having 15cm cyst removed, one of my Fallopian tube and my appendix! I have two massive scars to remind me of it all! My husband will never forget our wedding annivasary!

    And managed to travel around Italy for a month!

    And just brought a house! Xx

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