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Strange results/ diagnosis?

I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience to me. I had my first lap today, with biopsy and ablasions. The doc came back and said I have the early signs of endometriosis and she also found that my ovaries and womb were 'stuck' as there had been bleeding behind them all for a while. She got rid of what was there and sealed the wound. She felt that this was what had been causing the pain?

A follow up hasnt been arranged and I'm not quite what to do now? I will wait until the pain subsides from the op and see if it helps? I'm also waiting to go back to the endochrinologist about polycystic ovaries.

Has anyone else had a similar experience after the lap?

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Hi hun, sorry to hear your news. I just wanted to let you know not worry you should get a follow up I had mine 8 weeks after. I have now been discharged which I don't agree with! Much like you my ovary was stuck to my womb and I also have polysistic ovaries. Hopefully you'll have a good consultant! Hope you feel better soon and make a fast recovery :) if you ever need a chat just email xxx


Hi Bride2be :)

A lot of people are under the impression that everybody who is diagnosed with endometriosis immediately starts treatment for it. That's not the case. For most people, the 'treatment' of endo involves finding ways to deal with the pain or the bleeding. There is no cure for endo, and the means of treatment of acute endo such as surgery or hormone treatment cannot be repeated regularly without making the situation worse in the long term. This changes from person to person, and depending on the circumstances - for example, if ladies are trying for a baby, but otherwise it's just a case of treating the symptoms.

You've had surgery and the surgeon cleared out the endo she could see. I'm sure you will have a follow up appointment to discuss what happened in more detail, but at this stage there's nothing else they can do and you'll probably be referred back to your GP.

There's a brilliant book called Endometriosis for Dummies which explains it all in really clear terms, with a sense of humour, it might be worth having a look for it :)

Good luck

C x


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