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Has anyone else suffered dizziness over 1 week after laparoscopic surgery and removal of minor endo?

I have been back to the doctors today, a different one this time and she doesn't think it is associated with the operation. I haven't been able to bring myself to go back to work, as I am a travel consultant and consulting would be very difficult when a dizzy spell hits not to mention how tired I feel afterwards. Had the op on Friday 13th September, so a week and 2 days ago. I feel for everyone obviously in a lot more pain than I am with mine. My thoughts are with you.

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Lots of things can cause dizzy spells.

Keep hydrated -drink lots of water.. more than you do normally as you body is trying to heal up.

Also up the salt intake. Salted crisps -snack on them through the day. It could just be low blood pressure that needs to be boosted.

Get plenty of sleep too, and when you can manage it, take a stroll around the house.

It is far too soon to return to work anyway after even the most basic lap you shuld be looking at the 3 week minimum off work. You have been stabbed several times in the tummy.

If a bloke was stabbed several times in the tummy do you expect he would be back at wotk in a week.....not likely.

and it is poss that while in hosp you picked up a virus like flu which is causing ear troubles which is making you dizzy. you won't be quite so capable of fighting off infections bacterial or viral if your body is concentrating on the recovery of surgical wounds.

Feeling dizzy or whoozy isn't nice on top of everything else, to be kind to yourself. lay down on the bed or sofa and keep your head level with your heart. If it is low blood pressure your body is struggling to pump the oxyginated blood to your head. laying down makes that easier on the old ticker.

Get well soon

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Thanks Impatient... ironic because it seems perhaps I am impatient too! Feeling guilty for not going back to work but yes, like you say, I have to realise I have been stabbed in the stomach so to speak, so do need time to heal. I have had my blood pressure checked and it is normal, so at least that is ruled out. I guess I just need to be patient and allow myself time. Thank you for your reply and advice. Now, off to the couch :)))


Hi Peaches I had mine done the day after you and feel very similar to you. My boss has banned me from coming back to work and I am so frustrated. Although horrible that you feel crappy too at least we both know we're not unusual!xx


Only a week!

I had a job interview two weeks after my second lap and am surprised I didn't faint/fall over during it. Takes me weeks to recover from a general anaesthetic.

Be kind to yourself and take it easy for a while.

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I had my lap on monday and was very dizzy until today. However, I can still only make it to the loo and back. Signed off for two more weeks however for me, the bad news is I dont have Endo and my abdo pain must be caused by something else. I have already been off work 4 mths waiting for my Lap and still cant go back till my pain is sorted.

I am now being referred to a general surgeon.

Good luck and take your time recovering. Dont go back to work too soon.



Have them look at your appendix. It sounds unbelievable to me that mine ended up being an "an acute episode of appendicitis" but having chronic appendicitis is something that's not very common and not a very well accepted diagnosis in the medical world. I've had pain off and on for 10 years and never had an explanation prior to my exploratory laparoscopy and lo and behold it was my appendix (went in looking for endometriosis). Now this last bout of pain lasted for pretty much 5 months straight, whereas before it lasted about a crippling week then disappeared. Safe to assume that in an acute episode it would have burst and caused sepsis by now. If you've had a lot of nausea coming and going it's definitely worth the mention, also a micro hernia might be looked into. Best of luck, I'm still recovering from my lap (5 days out) hopefully it's the answer. They said mine was cause by a build up of leukocytes and lymphocytes from an infection.


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