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Endo Having an Impact on My life ....DEPRESSED

Just would like to share my story, Have been dignosed with endo past 5 years and have tried everything from sugery, mirena coil, pills, pain killers, accupuncture, chinese herbal remedies, faith healers i am at the stage which i am fed up. I now take bladder or lower abdomen infections every 2 weeks, sore to do anything etc: so depressed as it is starting to take over my life. Have to take days off wrk as it is so sore, i just want to curl up an be alone. Scans have shown that everything normal, but gyne said with endo you have get inside to identify were it has spread as it doesnt show up on scan. Really wish there was a cure for it ... as its not fair us endo suffers suffering a lot of pain and discomfort.

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Sorry you are feeling so down and depressed, its a horrible illness to deal with. I too wish there was a cure for all the women who suffer with this horrible disease. Take care X


Hi Shelly, sorry you feel so horrible, have you tried changing your diet? endo-resolved.com/diet.html if you can reduce all the foods in your diet that have oestrogen in them like red meat, dairy, wheat, caffeine etc it may help your pain symptoms. I swapped tea for lemon and hot water to help my liver flush out excess hormones in the liver and it helps ( this would be good for your bladder infections!!!). Also a walk helps to regulate your oestrogen levels as well....it helped me. I know there are some days that I just want to stay in bed but I don't want to let it control my life. It is so annoying that there is no magic cure for it but we are here for a shoulder to cry on x


Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have tried cancling out dairy products an i dont eat much meat or bread my eatting is really bad due to the pain an taking pain killers. I drink peppermint tea now instead off coffee but notice no difference to be honest. Just wish could lead a normal life like the rest of the people my age.


Hi Shelly. I'm so sorry that you're feeling so low and I hope you'll feel better soon. I keep wishing that they'd find a cure for endo so that us endo girls can lead a healthy normal life.

You need to eat something to get your energy back. I know spices help with the pain so could you make a curry with coconut milk because I've found that eating warm stuff helps to reduce the pain. Also pineapple and papaya are anti-inflammatory food so if you don't have the energy to cook you could make a smoothie.

Trust me I've had those days where I was down in the dumps and asking the universe why I have to go through this. It's not easy. Just take it a day at a time and know you can always pop in here to get a bit of support.


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