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Tested!! I ruled zoladex it did not rule me!!! Read for tips

Following a laparotomy after 600ml of fluid spilled into my pelvis because of am endometrial cyst, you can imagine at the age of 26 with no children how terrified I was when the doctors told me, it's either zoladeX or a histerectomy. I had read several horrible stories about the treatment and it scared me the thought of going through menopause at my age terrified me. I first started the treatment along with livial hrt and g asked the doctor if g could take the progesterone only pill as contraception. Low and behold he agreed. For the first few months I felt low, had anxiety started feeling generally depressed. All of a sudden I ran out of hrt I couldn't get the doctors straight away so I stuck to taking the pill. As the days went on g started feeling happier. I've now been off the hrt for 3 months and I can happily say g feel like me again. And for anyone worried about the injections, they only hurt if they catch a nerve ending which has only happened once in all the injections g have had. I now feel happy and hopefully confident that I might get pregnant in the next year following this.

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Lovely post


I'm on the same HRT I might try a few days without. So glad your doing well x


Hiya, Thanks so much for posting this!! I'm due my second zoladex next Monday and was wondering whether I should not go ahead with it as struggling with emotions and having a melt down most days. I'm taking progesterone only pill with it too, and feeling SO low. I have hope now that it may get better :-) after reading your post. Any other advice as how you best coped with the lows and anxiety? I'm not on any hrt add back therapy. I don't really want to take any more than I have to!!


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