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getting so fed up

hi all i am getting so fed up the pain and sickness as been getting worse over the past month were as i cant get out of bed im in pain all the time i have constant backache and i have been feeling so sick i cant move went to my doctors she gave me some anti sickness tablets waiting to see if they work go back to gyneo on thurs lets see what they say hope they dont just fob me off again it feels like my life is ruined by this awful disease im on several medications to help out with all sort that is going on with me just about had enough rant over xx

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Your not the only one! I've been feeling really rough for 11 days, stomach pains , feeling sick, tummy ache, back ache, walking even hurts. Hoping it will pass sooner rather than later. I was lucky enough to have another scan on Friday and was told that I had large areas of blood vessels clustered together. I know I already have endo in my tubes.

Good luck on Thursday hopefully you will get some answers .


Thanks hun hope u feel better soon and I hope so xx


Hi there, I feel exactly the same. Having to have time off sick and worried that I'll lose my job, fed up with making plans then not being able to make them due to pain, sickness, tiredness etc and depressed over my lack of fertility. But........I've spoken to a herbalist today who has given me some hope....... apparently in some circles, it is believed that there is a link between the liver and endo caused by increased toxins in our bodies particularly from plastic. I have searched the internet and there are a lot of articles on this subject together with details on changing your diet to eliminate foods such as milk which are high in hormones.

The herbalist advised that I was unlikely to see change for a couple of months, but worth a shot in my book. Fingers crossed anyway, it will be good not to be taking loads of drugs all the time at least!


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