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I have had an IUD inserted 5 weeks ago @ da 4 of August then started my periods @ da 9th of the same month with no problems,then I had

Sex this month Sept 5th with no condom,5 days later I started to feel pains like periods pain and I missed my period I want to know if its normal to miss periods immidiately after insertion or am I pregnant pls help.

M from south Africa

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Did you check you definitely were not pregnant before the IUD was put in?

The chance of getting pregnant after the IUD is in is very very small, and much more likely you have not missed a period but it is late as your body is adjusting to any new hormones being released by the IUD.

Read up on the patient advice leaflet for your particular IUD and see what it says about side effects, like late or missed periods.

We cannot guess if you are pregnant, that is something only you can check out.

You should take a pregnancy test to be certain, but I would question why you are have unprotected sex anyway? As in condoms.

An IUD might protect against pregnancy, but it will never stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Always use a condom even if you have an IUD. Double protection is much better for your health and cuts down the worrying.

As you live in a country where over 1/3rd the entire population is HIV+, I would advise a condom is absolutely essential everytime you have sex unless you are trying to conceive a baby and then both you and your partner have been checked out and cleared of all STDs before trying to have a baby.


Couldn't have said it better myself, delazy, you do need protection against std's so it would be better doing that. As for pregnancy, its not likely but just test to see. Hope its all ok for you :)



Thank you so much guys for repliying,and I know that I should use condom to protect myself from stds but I hve tested with my parter all the types of STDs and we both clean and I will buy the test and see if mnt pregnant cos I have this pains like contractions wich confuses me if m pregnant or its the IUD


If you're pregnant then get all contraception out as this can cause a disformity in the child or could cause you to have an ectopic pregnancy.


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